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The Humor Club

www.ouchmytoe.com has always believed in collective humor - the more anecdotes & jokes being shared - the better. So, presenting here a Humor Club where everybody is welcome to participate and contribute.



Question 1: What can I do here?

  • You can submit jokes, one-liners, anecdotes, pranks, wisecrack, wit...even a funny mail forward
  • You don't HAVE to submit, you can be a spectator as well.


Question 2: What do I gain by sumitting something funny?

  • Just the "happiness" of having helped spread laughter
  • If you write funny, submitting your entry here will definately get you more page views ;-)


Question 3: What does Jammy gain by this? Why should he bother?

  • Jammy doesn't gain anything...he bothers because he wants everybody to get their daily laugh


Question 4: Why do we have advertisements, then?

  • So that someday this club can be self-sufficient and this Wiki can go professional (with loads of other features)


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