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Humourous Anecdotes

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A place to share humourous anecdotes



You can be a celebrity or a non-celebrity...just remember that good, funny stories need to be told and retold and retold...



Abraham Lincoln


Anecdote 1

Once when he was President of US, and old friend asked him to write a single line on his new book...so that it could be used to sell more copies. Abe read the book but didn't like it...but because he couldn't refuse his old friend, he wrote: "For the sort of people who like this book it is the sort of book those people will like."


Anecdote 2

Once when Abraham Lincoln was President of US, the top officer in the Postal Department died. The same evening, a job applicant waylaid Abe and asked: "Mr Lincoln, you know the Chief Postal Officer just died. Can I take his place?"

Without a second thought, Abe responded: "It is all right by me, if it is all right with the undertaker."


Winston Churchill

Anecdote 1

Once when Winston Churchill was in a dinner with dignitaries, somebody asked: "Dear Mr Churchill, if you were not yourself who else would you have preferred to be? Churchill, got up...and started: "If I couldnotbe who i am, I would most like to be" - and here he paused to take his wife's hand - "Lady Churchill's second husband." The response got a thunderous appluase. 


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